IW-FCV2023 Online Proceeding

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Oral Papers

Oral Session 1 [Zoom Link]
  • Hierarchical Image Classification with Conceptual Hierarchies Generated via Lexical
  • Action Recognition for Each Person with Feature Extraction by Large-scale Object Detector
  • Structural Point Cloud Data Recovery to Learning 3D Feature Representation
  • Point Cloud Based Deep Molecular Pose Estimation for Structure-Based Virtual Screening
  • Efficient Multi-Receptive Pooling for Object Detection on Drone
Oral Session 2[Zoom Link]
  • Robust Scene Text Detection under Occlusion via Multi-Scale Adaptive Deep Network_Minh-Trieu Tran
  • Detection and Tracking of Flying Small Bats under Complex Backgrounds
  • Facial Depth and Normal Estimation using Single Dual-Pixel Camera
  • Generative Bias for Robust Visual Question Answering
  • DDConv Dilated Depthwise Convolution with YOLOv5 for Drone Imagery
Oral Session 3 [Zoom Link]
  • DASO Distribution-Aware Semantics-Oriented Pseudo-label for Imbalanced Semi-Supervised Learning
  • Improvement of Robustness to Noise for Medical Image Segmentation by using Self-Supervised Learning Approach
  • Bidirectional Domain Mixup for Domain Adaptive Semantic Segmentation
  • LabOR Labeling Only if Required for Domain Adaptive Semantic Segmentation
  • Attribute Auxiliary Clustering for Person Re-identification
Oral Session 4 [Zoom Link]
  • UDA-COPE Unsupervised Domain Adaptation for Category-level Object Pose Estimation
  • Dynamic Circular Convolution for Image
  • Task-specific Scene Structure Representations
  • Learning Depth from Focus in the Wild
  • Human Face Detector with Gender Identification by Split-based Inception Block and Regulated Attention Module
Oral Session 5 [Zoom Link]
  • Three-dimensional structure extraction and evaluation of microvessels in cardiac tissue imaged via confocal microscopy
  • Multi-Attributed Face Synthesis for One-Shot Deep Face Recognition
  • Parallax-based Imitation Learning with Human Intervention for Uncertain Insertion Tasks
  • A Style-Based Caricature Generator
  • Detecting Mounting Behaviors of Dairy Cows by Pre-Training with Pseudo Images
  • Classification of Lung and Colon Cancer Using Deep Learning Method
Oral Session 6 [Zoom Link]
  • Reproduction of Artwork on Display using Hyperspectral Imaging and Monitor Calibration
  • Game Engine Compatible 3D Clothes Modeling from a Single Image
  • Event-Based Reflectance Separation
  • A Set of Control Points Conditioned Pedestrian Trajectory Prediction

Poster Papers

Poster Session 1
  • Format-Compatible 3D Metahuman Modeling from a Single Image_Sojin Yun
  • YOLO5PKLot A Parking Lot Detection Network Based on Improved YOLOv5 for Smart Parking Management System_Duy-Linh Nguyen
  • Texture Synthesis Based on Aesthetic Texture Perception Using CNN Style and Content Features_
  • Emotion Recognition by using optimised deep features_Irfan Haider
  • Monitoring students’ classroom attention on digital platform_Hiromasa Nakatani
  • Patent Image Retrieval Using Cross-entropy-based Metric Learning_Kotaro Higuchi
  • Pre-training of Pneumonia Classifier for Chest CT images using Fractal Database_Yuken Yoshioka
  • Advanced Video Inpainting method using Residual Query Connection_Youngjun La
  • Utilization of Temporal Detection Consistency for Improving the Multi-Object Tracking_Abhyudaya Singh Tak
  • A Study on Tracking Moving Objects Pig counting with YOLOv5 and StrongSORT_Seunggwan Lee
  • BRDF Measurement with TDCRA_Atsushi Kimura
  • Multi-scale Recurrent Residual U-Net for Anomaly Segmentation in Industrial Images_Haoyu Chen
  • LHFAN Scene Text Recognition Method Based on Multi-level Feature Fusion and Enhancement of Semantic Knowledge_Ruturaj Mahadshetti
  • Preliminary Study on Fish Tracking in Indoor Aquaculture through Deep Learning_Nguyen Ngoe Huynh
  • Front Cover Image Database of Japanese Manga and Typeface Estimation of their Title_Shota Ishiyama
  • Robotics Education under Pandemic Lockdown Situation._Danilo Cáceres-Hernández
  • Lane Detection using Canny Edge Detection Algorithm for Real-time Racing Game_Iftikhar Ahmad
  • Influence Analysis of Each Facial Region on Facial Expressions Recognition_Minsol Park
Poster Session 2
  • Diffuse Large B-cell Lymphoma Survival Prediction using Encoding Clinical Features_Phuc Pham
  • Robust Data Augmentation for Accurate Human Pose Estimator_SyPhue Pham
  • Multi-task model for glioma segmentation and isocitrate dehydrogenase status prediction using segmentation boundary_Xiaoyu Shi
  • Impression Estimation of Suit Patterns Based on Style Features Using Multi-scale CNN_Eiki Tsumura
  • A multi-layered structure of Pretrained Convolutional Neural Network for weed classification_Gwanghyun Yu
  • Two-stream Network for Moving Object Detection_Wisan Dhammatorn
  • Multimodal Transformer for Automatic Depression Estimation System_Khanh Nguyen
  • Motion synthesis for automatic animation of sign language_Jongho Jeong
  • Cattle Action Recognition with Multi-Viewpoint Cameras based on Deep Learning_Muhammad Fahad Nasir
  • Convolutional Neural Networks with Particle Swarm Optimization A Reliable Method for SARS-CoV-2 Detection in X-Ray Images_Atif Ali
  • Multi-region based radial GCN algorithm for real-time action recognition_Hanbyul Jang
  • Advanced Machine Learning Techniques To Identify Emotions In Texts_Zulqarnain Fareed
  • Object Pose Estimation Based on Template-matching Using Attention Module and Residual Block_Gaeun Noh
  • COVID -19 Detection based on CT Scan Images using Deep Learning Methods_Tuan Le Dinh
  • Change Detection Over Multispectral Images A Case Study On RUSHIKONDA_Fyzulla Shaik
  • Gaussian Process based Illumination Planning for Photometric Stereo_Yuji Oyamada
  • Classifying Breast Cancer Using Deep Convolutional Neural Network Method_Musfequa Rahman
  • Rough Target Region Extraction with Background Learning_Ryo Nakamura